What we do

We help new market entrants take their first step into the hemp industry by providing a specialist project scoping and analytics service. We aim to ensure that you are well equipped and informed when starting your new venture. Our service includes:

1 | Assess

With our market expertise, we can help you scope your hemp project, including assessing the nature, timing, extent, and cost of your opportunity. We provide practical and actionable insights and recommendations to guide you along the way.

2 | Process

Farm-level data can be highly valuable when it is transformed into workable information. We process this data to conduct an in-depth feasibility study. This considers market-related factors for a comprehensive understanding of your hemp project.

3 | Collaborate

HempoSapiens embraces a collaborative ecosystem approach to delivering benefits to our clients. Our partners in the South African hemp industry can enable the sustainable implementation of your hemp project.

4 | Explore

The HempoSapiens team assists in designing viable go-to-market roadmaps that will enhance market expansion and ensure growth prospects. Our goal is to gear your hemp project towards strong product-market fit.


1 | What is the difference between marijuana and hemp?

Marijuana and Hemp are two varieties of the same species – Cannabis Sativa L. These two varieties are differentiated by regulatory cannabinoid limits relating to the amount of psychoactive cannabinoid Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) present in the plant. Marijuana constitutes a higher THC composition whilst Hemp is only permitted by governing bodies to have less than 1%, 0.3% or 0.2% THC depending on the region. Furthermore, the attributes of Hemp have been domesticated to produce ideal qualitative characteristics such as long or dense stalk size and larger seeds for alternative industrial applications. Most Marijuana strains have been hybridized to produce ideal endocannabinoid profiles via the flower and resin as opposed to an ideal morphological structure for industrial applications as seen with Hemp.

2 | What is industrial hemp?

Industrial Hemp is a domesticated variety of Cannabis Sativa L. which is used because of its ideal morphological characteristics. These characteristics enable a multitude of uses including:

  • High fibre quantities and quality;
  • Nutritious seeds;
  • Consumable Oils;
  • Healthcare;
  • Cosmetic Products;
  • Biofuel;
  • Textiles; and
  • Industrial applications including construction, biocomposite plastic manufacture, and biodegradable paper alternatives.

3 | What are the benefits of hemp?

Industrial Hemp is a non-resource intensive plant grown as an input material for various high-technical and low-technical applications. The diversity of applications and resilience in the agri-ecosystem indicates the potential for Hemp to contribute towards conscious and sustainable agro-industrialization. Furthermore, it is considered a climate combating raw material due to its:

  • Carbon sequestration properties;
  • Bioremediation properties;
  • Erosive soil mitigation properties; and
  • Its ability to be used for various industrial applications.

The eco-fortitude of Hemp is further reinforced by the lower embodied energy of the final products produced.

4 | I want to start farming hemp but I am unsure where to start. How can HempoSapiens help me take the first step?

HempoSapiens conducts an initial Hemp Viability Assessment which we use to determine the pre-feasibility of your Hemp opportunity. When then perform a data-rich scoping analysis which explores:

  • Detailed site assessments
  • Climatic considerations
  • Agronomic practices which should align with specific targeted plant attributes and intended applications
  • The type of crop genetic which can be used to ensure stability of the crop and applicability of the output.
  • Financial feasibility including financial forecasts and project costings
  • Local / regional off-take opportunities
  • Permit requirements for specific Hemp project needs

5 | I have a piece of land, but I am unsure if it is suitable for hemp farming. How does HempoSapiens determine whether my land is appropriate for growing hemp?

Microclimatic conditions which prevail on your piece of land must be carefully analysed and understood. HempoSapiens assesses climatic conditions as part of our in-depth scoping analysis. This assessment includes:

  • The annual mean temperature of the region
  • Humidity of the region
  • Annual mean rainfall
  • Threat of weather events including hail and wind

In addition, careful consideration is paid to:

  • Location
  • Soil quality
  • The size of the available arable land
  • The level of preparedness of the land for farming Hemp
  • The availability of suitable and sufficient water to cater to the ongoing needs of the farm
  • Security on the farm and the surrounding area