For earth and people

We help implement sustainable hemp projects in South Africa

Your hemp journey

At the beginning of your hemp journey and don't know where to start? Take our free 5-minute hemp readiness assessment and we will provide you with key insights that will help you take the first step.

Our mission

“Our goal is to promote hemp as a viable option for the creation of jobs in intensive farming operations, thus presenting a significant opportunity to invest in skills and development.“

- Phivo Artemides - Founder

What we do

We help new market entrants take their first step into the Hemp industry by providing a specialist project scoping and analytics service. We aim to ensure that you are well equipped and informed when starting your new venture. Our service includes:

1 | Assess

With our market expertise, we can help you scope your hemp project, including assessing the nature, timing, extent, and cost of your opportunity. We provide practical and actionable insights and recommendations to guide you along the way.

2 | Process

Farm-level data can be highly valuable when it is transformed into workable information. We process this data to conduct an in-depth feasibility study. This considers market-related factors for a comprehensive understanding of your hemp project.

3 | Collaborate

HempoSapiens embraces a collaborative ecosystem approach to delivering benefits to our clients. Our partners in the South African hemp industry can enable the sustainable implementation of your hemp project.

4 | Explore

The HempoSapiens team assists in designing viable go-to-market roadmaps that will enhance market expansion and ensure growth prospects. Our goal is to gear your hemp project towards strong product-market fit.

For earth and people·

For earth and people·

For earth and people·

For earth and people·

For earth and people·

For earth and people·

For earth and people·

For earth and people·

What our clients say

HempoSapiens' knowledge of the hemp industry and the business aspects which drive the industry impressed me extremely. HempoSapiens provided me with everything I needed to know about taking my first step in the industry and how to start the process of scoping my family's Hemp project.

Kudzi MsebenziKeto Hemp Farm

What has impressed me most is the manner in which the HempoSapiens team is able to break down very complex agricultural and scientific concepts. When discussing the technicalities regarding hemp, the team really knows how to articulate crucial information in a manner which can be easily understood.

Tshepo MedupeMedupe Farm